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What is Pilates?
Traditional Pilates is a technique pioneered by Joseph Pilates, a German, who was involved in numerous disciplines and sports. He combined various techniques to produce his own training regime, which teaches you to be more aware of body posture, strength, balance and movement.

This involves developing the deep postural or “core” muscles which stabilise the spine and pelvis.

Originally this was used for ballet dancers/elite athletes and is highly challenging, producing large forces on the spine, often unsuitable for a large percentage of the population.

Where Traditional Pilates is taught without adequate fitness from the client or correct instruction, it may be inappropriate or unsafe. In response to this, a lot of the Pilates taught today is Modified Pilates, which is a breakdown of the original Pilates exercises.

Chartered Physiotherapists further developed “Clinical Pilates” which was pioneered by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). This combines the Physiotherapy knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy with evidence from ongoing spinal research.

As Physiotherapists, we use Pilates as a form of exercise rehabilitation to correct poor movement patterns (which can cause pain), prevent injury recurrence, develop conditioning and increase performance. By teaching control of the “core” muscles Pilates leads to more efficent muscle use, improved body image, awareness, toning, strengthening and increased flexibility.

Individual or Class Pilates
Listowel Physiotherapy Clinic offers both Individual 1:1 Pilates instruction and Group classes at a variety of different levels.

Initial 1:1 Screening of all New Participants

All Beginners must fill in a screening form, detailing any history of back/neck problems and attend an individual assessment to examine their posture and spinal flexibility.This enables the physiotherapist to assess an individuals requirements allowing them to gain maximum personal benefit from Pilates. It includes 1:1 essential teaching of correct pelvic posture and recruitment of the core muscles.

Those wishing to participate in higher levels of classes at the Clinic who have undertaken Pilates elsewhere, must also undergo an assessment to examine the above and establish their level of Pilates ability.

Attending Physio led Pilates means you gain the benefit of their clinical experience.They take into consideration your specific problems/needs and outline why some exercises and techniques are better/safer than others, thus taking precautions and making modifications.

Pilates Instructors
At the Listowel Physiotherapy Clinic all the Pilates instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists qualified under the AUSTRALIAN PHYSIOTHERAPY AND PILATES INSTITUTE (APPI) to teach Pilates.

Currently we have 2 Instructors:

NIcola Mccullagh Daley Bsc(Hons) Physiotherapy, MISCP.
Nicola has studied Pilates since 2004 and established the classes at the clinic in 2005. She has received full accreditation as a Pilates Instructor. As an Instructor, Nicola combines her knowledge and experience of physiotherapy with her clinical Pilates training, to deliver a specific and effective service.

Classes: format, levels and times


We take a maximum of 12 participants per mat class.

The classes are performed on the floor with a variety of small equipment which is provided:
Foam Roller,
Stability circle/ring,
Gym/stability ball (smaller classes),
Theraband/ resistance band.

Classes last for 1 hour. This involves a short warm up in standing, followed by the matwork programme. All Beginner courses are for 6 weeks and all other levels for 8-10 weeks depending on the calendar dates. In the first Beginers class, specific posture and the principles of pilates are addressed in a short talk. It is strongly encouraged to incorporate these key elements into your exercise and daily posture.


Beginners: designed for a complete novice to Pilates, or someone who has done Pilates in the distant past, or if you have already completed this level and found it challenging.

Improvers Level 1: designed for those who have successfully completed a Beginners course and feel able to increase the variety of exercise and challenge.

Improvers Level 2: designed for those who have comfortably completed the previous level, with an established level of strength. More equipment is incorporated at this level to increase the challenge.

Advanced Level: designed for those who have completed all the previous levels and have a good level of understanding and strength for all the exercises and equipment.Often those at this level will have been doing Pilates for at least 1 year consistently.

Advanced Plus Level: designed for those who have done Pilates for several years and have a substantial level of fitness and strength. participants will be familiar with all the advanced exercises and equipment.


Beginners Classes
6.15-7.15 (Ena)
7.15-8.15 (Dave)
10.15-11.15 (Ena)

Improvers Classes
7.15-8.15 (Ena)
6.10-7.10 (Dave)

Advanced Classes
6.15-7.15 (Susan)
11.20-12.20 (Ena)


All classes are €15 per class if paying individually, ie €150 for 10 weeks

If one pays the total for 10 weeks altogether there is a reduction to €140

All Beginner courses are €90 for 6 weeks, which includes an individual assessment and teaching of core engagement before hand.