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Sports Injuries

Sport is a vital part of an Irish lifestyle. It provides exercise, social contact, relaxation, competition and promotes good health. Sporting activities make specific demands on the body. Regardless of the level of preparation or participation, these demands make the athlete susceptible to injury. Most sports injuries can be effectively treated by consultation with a physiotherapist. This enables you to return to your sporting activities as soon as possible.

Sports physiotherapy also has a vital role in the prevention of injury, and can prescribe a specific exercise programme tailored to a sport, to improve performance and reduce the incidence of injuries.

Lisowel Physiotherapy clinic provide treatment for the following sport injuries:

  • Sprained ligaments and joints e.g. 'pulled' hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, rotator cuff and groin.
  • Contusions (dead legs) to the thigh
  • Over use injuries, such as tendon inflammation, e.g. Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Knee pain or patella-femoral pain
  • 'Tennis elbow' or 'golfers elbow'
  • Shoulder impingement or 'swimmers shoulder'
  • Spinal pain or disc problems
  • Compartment syndromes
  • Problems relating to childrens growth spurt
  • Chronic and recurring injuries
  • Rehabilitation following surgery and or injury

How can Physiotherapy help?

Early and accurate diagnosis or sports injuries is our main concern. We have the training to correctly assess your problem and implement the safest most effective treatment from a wide range of proven therapies.

  • Manual soft tissue techniques – massage, friction, triggerpoint therapy.
  • Flexibility, stability and strengthening exercises.
  • Spinal manipulation and manual therapy
  • Taping, bandaging and advice on suitable supports
  • Ice, heat, laser, ultrasound and other types of electrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Biomechanical assessment and prescription of orthotics (customised insoles)

Other services available:

  • Pre-season injury screening and advice on injury prevention
  • Postural evaluation and muscle imbalance assessment
  • Fitness Training
  • Advice on nutrition and fluids
  • Flexibility and exercise prescription specific to individual athletes or clubs.
  • Advice on First Aid for Sports injuries
  • Physiotherapy cover for matches or sporting events can be arranged by clubs attending our clinic.